Total Clean

Total Clean

The 5 stars cleaning

We provide the best hotels methods for a permanent and perfect cleanliness of your house

Total Clean Benefits

Vacuum cleaner in every room including under furniture and carpets

Mop on all washable floors

Change of bed and bathroom linens

Emptying and cleaning of garbage

Dusting of all suspended elements

Cleaning and descaling kitchen, bathroom and WC units (sink, worktop, hob, sink, shower, bathtub)

Dusting of all flat surfaces, including at height

Our methods of intervention
  • We use the products you have validated with us
  • Equipment is dedicated to each room  : sponge and paper towels are different for kitchen and bathroom, we take single-use wipes for WC
  • We ventilate rooms during 30 mn (decreased heating)
  • Each object is put in its place
  • The material is cleaned and tidied

Total Clean Prices

Before reduction tax50_B

We offer a flat rate depending on the size of your apartment.
Surface de votre appartement< 25 m2> 25 m2
Tarifs TTC50 €50 € + 1 euros par m² au-dessus de 25m²

Examples of prices depending of size

20 m2

32 m2

82 m2

40 m2

115 m2

60 m2

Contact us to order Total Clean Solution

pictos_Tel bc 07 64 07 21 72

Total Clean Solution

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